Latest Past Events

2022/2023 Third Term Resumption

School Premises

Our learners resume back to school safely for Term 3 of 2022/2023 Academic Session. We welcome our New and Returning Students back to School. This term is full of fun and exciting activities. Happy Resumption!

Recital Music Event

School Premises

The school will vacate on Wednesday 5th of April, 2023. The closure will be accompanied with an unprecedented Recital Music Show. The school is blessed with talented instrumentalists and singers. Hence, a large number of our students will display their talents in music on that day. We use this opportunity to invite you to come

Inter-House Sport Competition 2023

School Pavilion

Friday 17th February, 2023 was a remarkable and memorable day at Debiruss School. We had our 13th edition of the Inter-House Sports Competition with varieties of sports on the menu. Parents, invited guests, invited schools, etc. were in attendance. The event was fun-filled and can’t be erased from our memories.