The 2018 Debiruss Science Day came up on the 31st of January, with the theme “Science in the 21st Century”. The focus of the theme was taking science and technology beyond the four corners of classrooms. This event featured Science Quiz Competition, Science Project Exhibition and presentation on the use of virtual lab for scientific experiments.

The following schools were in attendance: The White Dove School, Dowen College, Edidot School, Lagoon Schools, Kiddies Quest, Cedar Oak School, Eritoy School, Refiner Schools, The Soaring Kids Schools and more.

In the quiz competition, for the Primary Schools Categories, Kiddies Quest came first, Debiruss Primary came second and the third position goes to Refiner School. For the Secondary Schools Categories, Debiruss College came first, Laggon School came second and the third position goes to Dowen College.

In the Projects Exhibition, Debiruss College took the first position, Edidot School came second and the third position goes to Lagoon School.

This year Science Day was full of great experiences both for the students and teachers. Students were excited on the various projects displayed and look forward to the next edition in 2019.

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